Friday, January 30, 2015

Coffee heritage

Two weeks ago my Grandfather, Harry, passed away.  The reason I mention this on Caffe Bellezza's blog is because Caffe Bellezza wouldn't have come into existence without him.  He was one of a few people crazy enough to believe in our mission to bring specialty coffee to the people of the Triangle from a food truck!

Harry was a man that lived for a challenge.  When I told him I needed to get 10,000 watts of 240 v current through my little trailer to power our coffee equipment he chuckled and got right to work.  When I told him I wanted all of our counters to be custom made with wood from his farm in Charlotte he walked out to the kiln and helped me pick the best boards.

We sanded, planed, and glued together.  Although he had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, he did everything he possibly could to help me live my dream.

So here's to Harry Morris- a man who saw potential in the most unlikely of people and helped see our project through to the very end.

Thanks, Grandpa.  You will be missed.

Harry T. Morris