Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring is here! ...Almost!

Sunny weather has sure been dragging it's feet around these parts.  Yesterday it was a beautiful 70 degrees and today (Sunday) it's rainy and cold. I think Durham needs to reevaluate which season it wants to be in.

Warm weather for us coffee addicts means COLD BREW... and we have an unbelievably sweet Ethiopian Yergacheffe "Z" that takes delicious to a whole new level. The "Z" stands for "Zero Defect"- because of the intense level of sorting and processing- we can create the closest thing to heaven in a cup!  For those unfamiliar with Cold Brew, you won't believe the difference in flavor.  Instead of just brewing a super strong batch of drip coffee and then pouring it over ice, what we do is let the coffee steep all night long and then in the morning filter out the grounds.  The extraction process is gentle and smooth and draws out all the sweetness while leaving harsh notes behind.  (It's also easier on your stomach if you have a bit of a tummy reaction to coffee)

We've also got a delicious Jasmine Blossom Iced Tea and a Spring Delight Latte (with our homemade vanilla and fresh orange).

Also, have you noticed that all of this sun is powering your house and lowering your bills?  What's that??  You don't have solar panels on your roof??  Well, you're in luck!  Yes! Solar Solutions (based out of Cary, NC) is offering discounted pricing on solar panels based on how many people sign up!  It's a part of the movement called "Solarize Durham."  Call them and tell them that Tim from Caffe Bellezza sent you.  The owners, Stew and Kathy Miller, are great people and they helped us become the ONLY SOLAR POWERED FOOD TRUCK on the East Coast!  The number is 919-459-4155.

And lastly, our truck is getting painted!  The talented Erik Leighland will be putting a sweet sexy logo all over our little trailer!

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Here's to another beautiful cup,