Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 years in the making

I got my first job at a coffee shop on my college campus in Redding, CA.  I was 18 years old- and the thrill of making coffee began.  I used to sneak out of classes to make my girlfriend (now wife) lattes.  I didn't know a thing about Specialty Coffee, and my drinks probably tasted terrible, but 10 years later, and after working at over 15 different shops, I am embarking on starting my own coffee bar.

This blog is my attempt at not getting completely overwhelmed with everything.  I've been talking with so many people about it, asking what they did that made them a success- what almost led to their failure, etc etc.  But I know that it ultimately comes down to me.  It's not about just following all the rules.  Frankly, there are no rules.  There are so many people that have endeavored to start their own business only to fail less than a year later.  I want so badly to create something that will last and that will be loved by the community.  I want to do what I love- make great coffee and know my customers personally- and skip all the politics that seem to really be hurting the coffee industry in our area.  

So I am envisioning a new coffee shop in Durham: a shop that I would want to go to all the time!  It is my sincerest hope that Caffe Bellezza will be known for it's amazing coffee and super customer service.