Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weather, whether you want it or not!

There's something magical in the air when the weather changes from cold winter to warm spring.  In the case of Durham, NC, it's more like a bad magician suddenly throwing freezing cold water on you and then scorching you with a heat lamp and then back to the cold water again.  The reason I bring up the weather is because of how drastically it affects business for food (and coffee) trucks. It also affects how much power we can draw from our solar panels.

On Friday, Bethany and I enjoyed a lovely cool morning of serving coffee and tea to folks at One Renaissance Center in Raleigh only to be barraged by gail force winds and vicious rain all the way home.  There were several times that we wondered if our trailer would be able to stay on the road!

The following day the sun came out and so did the people.  Durham Farmer's Market and Hunt St. Market was PACKED and we did our best day of business there to date.  We started serving Iced Beverages as a trial run and it went over great!  Our iced mocha is devine- made with real Videri Chocolate!  Soon we will have a very unique COLD BREW and a nice selection of Iced Teas.  We also have introduced a new special drink: the Irish Cream Latte and Irish Coffee.  Both are made with a REAL WHISKEY REDUCTION to make every Irishman and Irishwoman proud to be living in America.  

Lastly, we've already started preparing for our second Durham Food Truck Rodeo that will be on March 9th, from noon-4pm at Durham Central Park!  Don't miss this awesome event!  There's live music, 4 beer venders and 48 different Food and Coffee Trucks! We will be streamlining our truck to make sure that Durham doesn't have to wait too long to get its Specialty Coffee and Tea from the Triangle's only Solar Powered Mobile Coffee Bar. Check out for more information.

Thanks for the photo, Fran!

Thank you to our loyal fans and neighbors!  We'll see you soon!